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by Mr Old School

Country: Italy

Band: Thecodontion


Line up:
G.E.F. – vocals, songwriting
G.D. – bass, lyrics, arrangements

Guests on this album:
V.P. – all drums
J.G.P. – guitars (baritone) on «Laurasia-Gondwana»
R.C. – vocals (additional) on «Pangaea»
Skadvaldur – vocals on «Ur»

Album: Supercontinent

Track list:
1. Gyrosia
2. Vaalbara
3. Ur
4. Kenorland
5. Lerova
6. Nuna
7. Rodinia
8. Tethys
9. Laurasia-Gondwana
10. Pangaea
11. Panthalassa

Biography: Thecodontion is a band hailing from Rome, Italy. Founded in 2016 by G.E.F. (vocals) and G.D. (bass), Thecodontion don’t use guitars in their music. Instead, they use two finger-picked, distorted basses (with a third one for solos), vocals, and drums in order to convey a more ancestral sound. This approach compliments their lyrical imagery, which is based on prehistory, fossils and geologic periods

The name Thecodontion comes from Thecodontia, an Ancient Greek word meaning «socket-teeth». Thecodontia is an obsolete taxonomic grouping formerly used to describe a diverse group of reptiles which included both the ancestors of dinosaurs and of modern alligators and crocodiles, among others

Thecodontion is:
G.E.F. – vocals, songwriting, arrangements
G.D. – bass, lyrics, arrangements

L.S. – (live) bass
V.P. – (live) drums

Thecodontia (2018, demo)
Jurassic (2019, EP)
Supercontinent (2020, full length)

Genre: Black / Death





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