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by Alba

Country: Italy

Band: Tracy Grave

tracy grave_logoLine up:
Tracy Grave – Lead Vocals
Mark Shovel – Lead Guitar
Enea Grave – Guitar
Hurricane John – Drums
Nero Viper – Bass


tracy grave_sleazy futureAlbum: Sleazy Future
Release date: March 23th, 2018

Track list:
1. Cemetery Sin
2. Dirty Rain
3. Without Scars
4. Dancing On The Sunset
5. Freedom Without Rules
6. Make You Feel The Pain
7. My Last Goodbye
8. Over The Top
9. Piece Of Horizon
10. Return (Back In My Hands)

Biography: Tracy Grave, Italian composer and songwriter, standard-bearer of hard rock, glam, sleaze and AOR, started his musical career in 2000 as a singer in some cover bands, with Hollywood Pornstars recording the homonym album in 2008, after which he works together with Lethal Poison, publishes two soloists EP «No Saint Without Sinners» and «Letal Saints».

tracy grave_fotoWe arrive at 2016, and Tracy publishes the acoustic EP «Faith», which also collaborated Joey Zalla of the Jolly Rox, at the same time working on the album «In The Mirror Of Soul» from which the single «Rise Again» is extracted and a video is made.

In 2017 Tracy joins the guitarist, as well as composer, Mark Shovel, from this meeting, the Tracy Grave band is born. The bass player Viper, the rhythmic guitarist Enea and the drummer John Hurricane are soon added.

2018 sees Tracy release the new album «Sleazy Future» for Volcano Records, announced by the singles “Cemetery Sin” and “Dirty Rain” and the video clip “OVER THE TOP”. In the same year, Valeria Campagnale becomes the manager of Tracy Grave, following him in the choices regarding artistic and career choices, sharing an overall strategy of promotion and development. Currently the band is engaged in the promotion of the new album «Sleazy Future» with interviews, radio passages for Italian and foreign radio, and a tour that started in March.

Sound: Glam, Sleazze, Rock… great riffs, and nasty vocals and good melody, great album.





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