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by Jordi Thunder

Country: United States

Band: Unchipped

Line up:
Joel Archibald – Drums
J.R. Fisher – Guitar
Ty Owen – Bass/Vocals
Pat Snyder – Vocals/Samples

Album: Unchipped

Track list:
1. 1000 Lives
2. Big Man
3. Born To Kill
4. End Of Times
5. The Seventh Kind
6. Unchipped

Biography: UNCHIPPED is a dystopian metal band who formed in 2019. In the band’s first year of existence they have managed to share the stage with Municipal Waste, Power Trip, Cherubs, Full of Hell, and the Obsessed. They also found themselves removed from Columbus’s largest community festival (allegedly due to the festival not being able to procure insurance for a band of their genre) and survived a mass shooting last year, which took place just steps away from a performance in Dayton, Ohio.

«Unchipped is a wakeup call to an oncoming future of the surveillance state and the monetization and exploration of personal data through technology. We created this as a mantra for the band, to focus our message about the dangers of a thoughtless, passive future. We want people to be conscious about what freedoms they are willing to passive give up, and the fire repercussions of those decisions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are incredibly powerful tools that can be used to either liberate humanity from illness, poverty, and the brutality of the world or can be used to subject humanity to new levels of subjugation.”

Genre: Metal Industrial / Punk




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