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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: Finland

Band: Weightless World


Line Up:
Perttu Korhonen – Vocals
Valtteri Viinikka – Guitars and harsh vocals
Juuso Oinonen – Gguitars
Tino Kantoluoto – Bass
Kari Rannila – Drums


Album: The End of Beginning

Track List:
1. 59
2. Savior
3. Dragon’s Fire
4. Guillotine
5. Fat Lady
6. The Pair
7. Colors
8. Tides
9. The End of Beginning

Biography: Weightless World is a modern melodic metal band based in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. Founded in 2011, the band spent their early years refining their music making home-recorded demos, while searching for a lasting frontman at the same time. After Perttu Korhonen joined the band in 2016 taking over the main vocals, it was time to take the next logical step. The first offical single ”My Devotion” was released in fall of 2017. Soon after this the band started working on their first full-length album and entered the studio in late summer of 2018. The End of Beginning was recorded and mixed with the legendary producer Tuomas Kokko in Electric Fox studios. The album ended up stretching the boundaries of the bands music – ranging from energetic and poppy choruses all the way down to crushing guitar riffs and time stopping delicate moments. Despite the diversity of the sound and moods in the album, all the songs share the same distinguished feel to them. It is downright impossible to find just one or two bands that sum up the music of this band. The End of Beginning will be released as a self-release on 24th of May and the songs ”Guillotine” and ”Dragon’s Fire” have already been released as singles with music videos.

Sound: Debut album of this band from Finland. A very young band mixing a good combination of melodic and extreme metal.





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