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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: Poland

Band: Whitewhale


Line up:
Kacper Kania – drums
Wiktor Wiercioch – bass
Kuba Dąbroś – guitar
Piotrek Tabaszewski – guitar
Bartek Gąsiorek – vocals

WHITEWHALE 1Album: Fading Days

Track list:
1. Selfish
2. Purpose
3. Disaster
4. Broken Promises
5. Tu i teraz
6. Doubt
7. Worth
8. Pustka
9. Twisted
10. Indifference

WHITEWHALE 2Biography: An alternative metal band founded in 2018 in Kraków, influenced by hardcore, post-hardcore, post-metal, black metal and shoegaze music.whitewhale is a twisted bunch of people, who just wanna play loud and noisy music to fuck other people up… behind this crude, rough intention, there is much more to be discovered in their music… it is left to be discovered by you

Sound: Great debut album! Is a very young band from Krakow (Poland) a band with mixed: Metalcore, Hardcore, Shoegaze, Post Metal and Alternative. Bartek Gasiorek have a beautiful and powerful voice. Alternative. The riffs and solos of this album are very intense, beautiful, melodic and atmospheric, dark and beautiful. The mixed of styles are fluid. Brilliant album. Best songs: Selfish, Disaster and Twisted.





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