Interview with SHADE OF HATRED

Shaded of Hatred is a very great band from Netherlands. “Invidious revelations” is his first work. Amazing sound, very good death metal with metal influencies. It’s a pleasure talk with the Band. shade of hatred 1 How was Shade of Hatred created? When I (Florian) was at secondary school, I started my first band ‘Descended’. … Leer más

Interview with CWEALM

The Band: Cwealm Country: Sweden CWEALM is a new band from Sweden, just debuting with his first full-length Odes to No Hereafter, a one-man project recommended for all the people who enjoy black death metal, a great blend of 90s sound with new and fresh touches and ideas. Astraeus is a great musician with a … Leer más

Interview with VÄNLADE

The Band: Vänlade Country: US The Man: Brett Blackout Scott (vocals) . Kansas City’s epic speed metal defenders, Vänlade, are back with their second album “Rage of the Gods”, ten monstruous tracks of molten hot, earth-shettering heavy metal, engineered by sound guru Rob Rebeck. True Metal all the way, a must listen for any fan … Leer más

Interview with CIRITH UNGOL

Interview with CIRITH UNGOL by Vpower The Band: Cirith Ungol Country: United States Answers: Robert Garven, Jarvis Leatherby, Tim Baker, Jim Barraza, Greg Lindstrom Frost and Fire. King of the Dead. One Foot in Hell. Paradise Lost. And now, almost 30 years later, Forever Black, the fifth full-length from the Ventura band comes to remind … Leer más