Entrevista con RUINAS

Ruinas surge a finales de 2018 de la mano de Rober (Ovakner, ex-Machetazo) y Angel (ex-Ovakner), ambos de Ferrol, Galicia, para crear un proyecto de grinding death metal agresivo y veloz. “Ikonoklasta” se grabó en 2019 en los The Ocean Studios (Ferrol, Spain) producido por Brais Landeira y masterizado por Scott Hull en los Visceral … Leer más

Interview with REVEL IN FLESH

German Death Metal monster REVEL IN FLESH presents “Relics Of The Deathkult”, a compilation album which includes rare tracks that have been originally released only on 7″ EP format or as vinyl bonustracks during the period of 2012 until 2017. Beside the very own REVEL IN FLESH material, this compilation also features coverversions of serval … Leer más

Interview with TOLEDO STEEL

Traditional heavy metal: the staple ingredients of guitar melodies, blistering solos, galloping bass lines… Toledo Steel’s twin-guitar lead classic metal, combined with Rich Rutter’s unmistakable sky-high vocal hooks make this “Zero Hour” a joy for any classic metal fan. And they are coming for more… toledo_steel_logoHello Matt, thank you for your time. The first question … Leer más

Interview with Pharaoh

The wait is over! Long-running American metallers PHARAOH return with their first album in nine years, “The Powers That Be”! A nine-song offering of challenging melodic metal featuring a guest solo from Voivod’s Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain! PHARAOH’s journey goes on and they deliver what you expect but also something else. We talk about it with … Leer más

interview with Mass Deception

In the middle of hundreds of bands that sound almost the same you discover a kick ass album as “Revelations” and then, suddenly and as by magic, you recover the fucking faith in Thrash Metal. Quoting the Bänziger, the guy we interview today, it all has “aggressive riffing, aggressive vocals, pounding drums and bass”. Read … Leer más

Interview with DAUTHA

The Band: Dautha Country: Sweden It’s always a pleasure to talk, once again, to so creative bands as Swedish Dautha. They made our teeth long with their demo Den Förste, and now those high expectactions are fully confirmed by the release of DAUTHA’s much anticipated and inspired debut album “Brethren Of The Black Soil”. They … Leer más

Interview with SAM RUSSELL

The Band: Sam Russell Country: United Kingdom Answers by: guitar & songwriting SAM RUSSELL, in case you don’t know him yet, is a virtuoso guitarist that has just kicked off his career as musician with his debut album “Impetuous Desire”. If I have learnt something about this great guitarist is that he is not only … Leer más

Interview with SHADE OF HATRED

Shaded of Hatred is a very great band from Netherlands. “Invidious revelations” is his first work. Amazing sound, very good death metal with metal influencies. It’s a pleasure talk with the Band. shade of hatred 1 How was Shade of Hatred created? When I (Florian) was at secondary school, I started my first band ‘Descended’. … Leer más