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Interview with ADAMANTIS

by Vpower

The Band: Adamantis

Country: United States

Answers: Jeff Taft (JT) guitars; Evgeny Gromovoy (EG) drums

Photos: Evil Robb





European-inspired epic Power Metal is what US ADAMANTIS show in their debut album “Far Flung Realm”, with a timeless mix of power metal for fans of Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Running Wild! Moreover, we talk about the origins of the band and we learn that they have a Spanish connection in their past! Come to know the details around this powerful band.


Hi guys, Adamantis was created in 2016 and in 2018 you released your first songs with an epic EP. How were the first steps of the band?

EG: As a toddler who learns how to walk, our first steps were short, irregular and unsecure. We composed several songs relatively quickly in the rehearsal room. We did not think too much about maturing the songs, the sole goal of having a ‘live set’. We tried to play as many local shows as possible, and we had a lot of fun doing so! We recorded an EP mainly to keep as a record and to have something to show the promoters at the venues we were aiming. Then soon after the release of Thundermark EP, Ashley (vocals) and Lyz (bass) left the band, and we struggled to find a replacement for a while. But we kept writing, and since we could not play live, we spent more time on each song, trying to create a more mature sound. It worked out well in the end!

We are in 2021 and you are releasing your first full-length, what that means for a young band like you?

EG: This is a great time for heavy metal music. Despite the pandemic and the lack of shows, the scene is very much alive. Companies like Bandcamp are doing a great service to the community, as are dedicated YouTube channels such as the NWOTHM Full Albums. We are reaching many listeners thanks to these tools. And for sure, having the support of Cruz del Sur will make us reach way more! We are on the path of exponential growth.

How much have you dedicated to the composition of Far Flung Realm and how was the recording process in the middle of the pandemic?

JT: Quite a lot! Some of the songs on Far Flung Realm are several years old in fact – ‘Misbegotten Dream’ was written even before our first EP, and Voron in late fall/winter 2018, for example. Both have changed a bit since that time — We put a good amount of effort into arranging the songs as a band in our rehearsal space.
We were fortunately done with our drums in December of 2019 and guitars/bass in January 2020 before the pandemic had really begun to impact the US, but our vocal recordings were delayed several months due to the situation, until we could find a time and arrangement that was safe for us to record.

Although Adamantis is a band from Massachusetts, can we say that the band’s sound is nearer to the European power metal than the US?

JT: Definitely, though I think we have some noticeable American elements, too. But most of the band either grew up in Europe at the height of power metal, or had discovered it around that time through the magic of the internet, so the sound is very much engraved within our hearts.

Jeff Stark is a soaring vocalist, but when it comes to the power metal who is first: guitar or vocalist?

JT: They’re both important! The style of power metal we like is very riff oriented so guitar has a role, but those soaring vocals are also key! Drums and bass are also equally important – It would be impossible to create that intensity and ‘feeling of flying’ without a tight rhythm section, or those slower, more epic moments without thunder behind them!

Is it true that Cruz Del Sur Music signed Adamantis barely a month after the self-release of their “Far Flung Realm”? Was it in your plans?

EG: Actually, yes! Our plan was to self-release and promote the album and then capitalize on the exposure that we hoped the album would have to land a record deal. And I personally always thought that Cruz del Sur would be a great home for us. So we asked, turns out they already heard about us, and offered a deal. So it all worked out very nicely! We are extremely excited to see the album released under Cruz del Sur, especially the vinyl, it is going to be a beautiful addition to any collection.

Sure, the guys work quite right. What are the lyrics about in Far Flung Realm?

EG: There are several writers, (in fact all members except Javier Estrada contributed to lyrics), and thus you can find many themes! You have classic battle imagery (Unbound Souls or Fire and Brimstone), fantasy literature (Elric of Melnibone in Misbegotten Dream, Malazan Book of the Fallen in Puppettier’s Bane), introspective reflections (Imagination, Journey’s End), mysticism (Oracles’ Prophecy, Second Sight), epic history (Siege of Arkona) and to finish, the eternal theme of death (Voron). Plenty to choose from!

The cover artwork is very typical of the genre, isn’t it?

JT: It has some typical elements of the genre, for certain, but we think Piotr (Bednarczuk, the artist) really did a fantastic job in presenting them in a visual style that is unique and stands out.

I like that guitars deliver powerful riffs, such as in Journey’s End or Fire and Brimstone

JT: Thank you! Our influences in both power metal and outside of it usually feature strong riff-based elements, so that is something we actively attempt to capture. We are in general a band more focused on the rhythmic elements than the sort of orchestral/symphonic side of power metal that is also very popular.

Power Metal probably was at its highest popularity at the beginning of the current century, when there were a hundred bands rising when you moved a stone, at least in Europe. How did you live that time and has it influenced your bet for the power metal?

EG: Javier Estrada and I were both raised in Madrid, Spain. We were part of the metal community there (El Orion y el Lemmy de los Bajos de Arguelles, asi como El Excalibur de Vallekas, eran nuestros garitos). Back then power metal was synonymous to heavy metal. And for me personally, it still is. The kind of fast, rhythm-based and riff-based power metal that sounds like Judas Priest on Painkiller! So of course, growing up in that time made a huge imprinting on Javiers’ and my ways of listening to music. We all like other genres of course, but it turns out that, in this band, we all share the love for that late 90s-early 20 european sound, and thus decided to write mainly in this style. We invited Elisa C Martin, legendary spanish vocalist of Dark Moor, to collaborate with us on the song “The Oracle’s Prophecy” because she encapsulates perfectly that style we love so much! There is even an intentional element of nostalgia in the production of the album. Christian ‘Moschus’ Moos mixed and mastered Far Fling Realm. Moschus is a german engineer, drummer, and a good friend of Thomen ‘The Omen’ Staunch (ex-Blind Guardian). Moschus knows the style we are playing to perfection and really delivered what we were going after.

JT: I discovered power metal through the internet in the late 90s, since it wasn’t something that was very widely known in North America. I spent a lot of time traveling to record stores 1-2 hours away to find copies of albums by bands like Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Angra…. The style really resonated with me as a teenager, and has always been a part of my musical DNA. When I started playing guitar, this was the style I wanted to play.

Hi EG, a big surprise to know that you were in Madrid enyoing in all those “garitos” every fan in Spain Know so well, yeah! So, this is a style with a big demand in Europe, is it in your mind to come to the old continent anytime?

JT: Absolutely! We would love to do so, once it is safe!

We will be waiting for your invasion. Kind of a philosophical question, how do you see yourselves in ten years from now?

EG: Ten years is a very long time! We would hope the band will have released several great records by then and made a lasting contribution to the archive of Heavy Metal. In the end, it’s all about keeping the banners high, being part of the community and most importantly, connecting with people’s hearts. But we also would like to see our sound evolve, always looking for our own individuality. While one of our aims is to keep that style of heavy/power metal alive and connect with others who feel the same way, we also strive to do so in a unique way, to stand out on our own feet above the crowd.

Not bad at all. If you were to share the stage with an European band you would choose…?

EG: I would say Blind Guardian, Rage, Iron Saviour, HammerFall or Gamma Ray. Any of those would be fantastic.

What are your plans for this 2021?

EG: We are releasing a music video soon to help promote the Cruz del Sur re-release of Far Flung Realm, and then entering the studio to track an EP that should see the light by the end of 2021. And we are already writing the second full length.

Excellent! Thank you very much for the cult chat guys, if you wish to add something….

EG: Thank you for reading and for keeping the flame burning!

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