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Interview with CORONARY

by Vpower

The Band: Coronary

Country: Finland

Answers: Olli Kärki (vocals)




Classic, untamed heavy metal from Finland! On “Sinbad”, their first full-length album, Finland’s CORONARY shows one of their country’s finest representations of pure, 1980s heavy metal that goes in for the kill! CORONARY firstly issued “Demo 2018”, an effort so promising that Gates of Hell Records paired the band with emerging Canada metallers Traveler, which we know well in this web, for a highly-regarded split release the same year. And here they are at last debuting with Sinbad, let’s know more about it.

Hi Olli, Coronary is debuting with the first LP, Sinbad, how do you feel about it?

It’s allways a new mark on a milestone, but this one sums up several years of work in area i havent ever been before as a musician. Exploring the world of teutonic heavy metal has been quite a trip, and we have really enjoyed the ride. Hope there are many more years to come!

Hope so, too. The title, Sinbad, seems like a word game, something between sins and that legendary sailor we all know, but where lies the truth of it?

Is there an absolute truth in any form of art? But the tiltle is a combonation of two marvelous inbuilt things in human heart. You wanna bathe in both, but it’s not commonly accepted way to live your life, so maybe that is why you need to Take a trip and sail the seven seas?

When I saw that you have released a split with Canadian Traveler I was quite happy because I’m a huge fan of those guys and I thought you would be in the same music approach. But, how that collaboration with Traveler happened?

That one we had nothing to do with. Sometimes destiny just takes a funny turnsin your life and you gotta go with the flow

Before that even, you have released a demo in 2018. How do you see it after 2 years? Any evolution in your work since then?

Evolution is pretty much a thing we need to seriously avoid, back to stoneage is our goal. We’re honba Keep it loud and simple, as true 80’s heavy should be, easy and simply pleasing!

It’s clear that Coronary has a classic heavy metal sound. No need to reinvent anything if you play good music, isn’t it?

There have been wheels under shitload of inventions centuries, we have no interest in inventing such awesome thing again, we just enjoy the ride on them.

When I saw the band’s photo I said: these guys are not teenagers anymore. So, how do you come to create Coronary and where do you come from musically speaking?

Well, we all were teens at 80’s, thats where from all our ideas come, all those pimplepopping years of growth, when you had nothing but dreams and hopes for the future. Back to the days of youth,when we were stupid enough to think that next day tomorrow brings up something better. Now we know better but C is a new plan B.

Wise words. You have signed by Cruz Del Sur Music, how did it happen?

Slowly, as anything seems to go nowadays, but result made all of us happy.

When did you start composing “Sinbad” and how was the recording process?

Too many years of building something this good piece by piece in so many short sessions was both, horrible and tempting, but time went fast, soon album it’s out, and it feels damn good we didn’t give up after few failed attempts.

It has been more difficult to get the new album finished with all the covid19 pandemonium around?

Nah, recording sessions were ready before the covid, but it sure yanked the rug under our feet when it comes to the part when youre supposed to tour and market the album. 2022 maybe?

Huh, you give up 2021 already… Last year many bands were delaying the release of their albums because it was impossible to play gigs. Is this your case?

Why delay the release? It ain’t less the album next year. Dont see any point in that.

By the way, Coronary is quite a curious name for a band, why did you choose it?

IM still not sure was C supposed to be more than working title, but now Thames no turning back, it is permanent. And quite cool, at least 80’s wise.

In Sinbad you sound heavy metal all the way, but you also play sometimes with the hard rock sound

You can hear lots of 70’s and 80’s influences in our songs, soundtrack of our youth.

With the great performance by Olli Kärki on vocals I just can say that you have all the appearance to be a great leader

Olli is awesome in bellying out this kinda Music, and were more than pleased about him, awesome choise to join us from him too.

What are the lyrics about?

Well, i would love to answer tits and ass, but sadly they are bit deeper, at least sometimes.

Well, there is a time for each thing. Any favorites in the album?

I love every single song, cant really pick one, but if i really have to, i would go with bullet train, cos that was our first song together, as a real band.

Is it in your plans to play these songs live during the year?

Oh yeah!

Thank you very much for your attention, if you wish to add something…

Spread the word, we are stuck here in wintery Finland for a while!

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