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Interview with KANKAR

by Vpower

The Band: Kankar

Country: Germany

Photos: Carolin van Valkenstijn



KANKAR are a black metal duo hailing from Germany. The band began in 2016, and two years later had released their debut EP, Elemental Fury. Now, KANKAR make their first grand statement with ‘Dunkle Millennia’, the duo’s debut full-length, one can detect trace elements of classic death metal, pagan metal, traditional metal, and even rock ‘n’ roll within the album’s succinct-yet-expansive 45-minute runtime.

Hi guys, the band Kankar was created in 2016, how were the beginnings and has something changed since then?

We formed in a low budget rehearsal room with bad equipment. We worked our way up over the years in every aspect. The best example to prove this is the difference in quality between our first EP and our debut LP. Also personal opinions and ideas have changed over time.

Your first work was the EP Elemental Fury, which title speaks by itself all along, right?

Maybe it does. We can say, that the concept behind this EP was to create a mood that relates to a specific element… like “Ad Mortem Inimicus” refers to earth and “Non Serviam” refers to ice and so on…

You are a duo, something more usual in the Black Metal than any other genres, more like a tradition or just coincidence?

Neither nor. We founded as a duo with reason, but the reason was not tradition. It were bad experiences, that both of us made before in bands with more members. More members mean more opinions and more opinions destroy the songwriting-process. Since we are a duo we are both happy with what we are doing and creating.

Your debut album is “Dunkle Millennia”, out on March 13th via Eisenwald, how do you feel about the final result?

We feel good about it and we are happy, that we have such a great label. We are very satisfied about how Dunkle Millennia worked out at the end.

Although a black metal band in “Dunkle Millennia” we also find some touches of other styles such as death, heavy metal… some years ago it would be sacrilege, but now…?

Until this question we did not think about that actually… The truth is, that we really dont care about that. Not now and not years ago. We do what we do the way we want to do it.

That’s good then. When did you start writing the songs and how was the recording process?

We started shortly after Elemental Fury and we recorded all songs in Klangschmiede Studio E after they were all finished.

How do you share the composition tasks between vocalist/guitarist/bassist Stríð and drummer Plágan?

Both of us have the right to criticize what the other is doing and both of us have the right to suggest improvements. Mostly our opinions are equal so there are just very few moments in which we argue.

45 minutes for a black metal album is not so common, however they run very fluently

I think the idea of writing shorter songs accomplished our goals very well. And since the songs are versatile and many, one can rush fluently hrough the whole record.

Please, name some references when it comes to blend your music?

We can not really answer this question, because Dunkle Millennia was blended by so many styles and ideas. We experimented a lot, because it fits the thematic context and the manifold character traits of the human being.
References were for example: Inquisition, Dark Fortress, Mgla, Fides Inversa, Kvelertak, Judas Priest… just a little bit of everything (i can only speak for the guitar work in that moment)

Black Metal has been a very dynamic style for the last years, in constant evolution, how do you fit in that trend?

We evolve constantly as well i guess. The main thing for us is to have fun making music. And we need to enjoy that mostly for ourselves… So we don’t what the future brings, but we do what we want and maybe people like it, maybe not. Thats life.

Any special subject you touch in your lyrics?

All negative human character traits. Greed, lust, envy,… and so on. The piece counts as one.

How has the Covid19 affected your activity?

Not much to be honest. Just a few contact-limitations during the recording process.

Are you willing to play your staff live whenever you can or the current situation allows you?

Of course.

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