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Interview with POKOLGÉP

by Vpower


The Band: Pokolgép
Country: Hungary



Pokolgép is to Hungary what Aria is to Rusia, Barón Rojo to Spain or Orphaned Land to Israel, for instance. That is, the most internationally famous band from the East Europe country. So, it’s always a privilege to have some words with the guys.


Pokolgép is a band with a long history in Hungarian Metal, we can say that you are the biggest Band in Hungary? Some kind of institution over there?

We were one of the first out of the bands that play a genre like us to release an album. Therefore people started listening to us rather than them.

After so many years, albums and changes in the line-up, Pokolgép is still very alive, what is the trick for that?

It’s the audience that keeps the band alive, we just do our jobs.

Not only Pokolgép is alive, because your new album “Metalbomb” honors your name, it’s what the Pokolgép fans expect to get from you…

Pokolgép has always been a heavy metal band, the title song is also about this feeling.

pokolgep3Between this “Metalbomb” and your previous release there are almost ten years, why?

The reason of the long hiatus was the changes in the line-up over the years. It’s hard to work on an album in those circumstances. By now the line-up has become a creative community that is good to work with.

How long have you been composing “Metalbomb”?

We have been working on the songs continuously for a few years.

What are we going to find in “Metalbomb”?


True as a simple word. What are the lyrics about?

About music, feelings, emotions we meet in the world. Besides that there is an Endre Ady poem set to music. Ady was a famous Hungarian poet. By the way it’s like a tradition for us to have a Hungarian poet’s poem set to music on each album.

You still keep faithful to your mother language, may be if you sing in English your popularity outside your country could be bigger, why don’t give it a try?

We are faithful because we are Hungarians. One of the songs is about this issue (Ne köss belém). The English translation of the lyrics is in the booklet.

We are planning on recording the songs again in English, but translating isn’t easy if you want to keep the songwriter’s notions.

What do you think have been the best moments of the band?

We think all of our concerts are big moments, because the audience comes and listens to us.

Your favorite album of Pokolgép?

Right now it’s Metalbomb.

Have you ever toured outside Hungary?

We have already played in Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Sweden.

Lucky guys…What are your main influences?


What are your plans for the future?

Poems set to music on a new album and we have already started writing songs for the next album.

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