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Interview with RWA

by Vpower

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The Band: RWA

Country: Poland


RWA is a band from Poland that last year released its first full-length album, which combines heavy sounds with more complicated sounds in the field of progressive metal, with an outstanding sense to create great feelings. They talk with us about the past, the present and the future in this very interesting interview.


You have just released your first full-length. To find something before it we need to go back to your 2011 Ep, what happened in the middle?

To precise, we relased our EP in the beginning of 2013. It includes 4 track, witch 3 of it we recorded again and released on LP. You can listen EP for example on our facebook page. In the meantime we gave lots of gigs (for us it was a very big number, nearly 40 in 2013, in 20 cities in west and center of Poland). We recorded EP for get out of our rehearsal room. To send it to pubs and gigs managers, and – for our new fans, that they have some souvenir after concert and remembering us a bit longer.

How would you define your musical approach?

Our music had to be heavy and melodic. First inspiration was the classical polish rock and heavy rock (eg. Kat or Turbo). When Balon (k) joined our band, he brings some symphonic accents. That crew turns into more progressive side of metal. Sometimes we’ve also been inspired djent bands, mostly Swedish band Vildhjarta.

In my opinion, although you are in the Progressive music, you are not the Dream Theater kind of band, I mean, any humand being, call it metalhead, can listen and enjoy your music without a master

We like Dream Theather and adore them. We can’t answer for this question, because we don’t know how to don’t like them 😉

And we respect anyone preferences, of course. In fact, most of the songs are around 4 or 5 minutes, not the progressive neverending story…

rwa1On the other side – we developed every one song lots of months. Some songs even were never finished, because we exhausted ideas to complete them. According to your question – we don’t set any limits to time of songs (unless we have a worry that it can be to short, then we try to extend it). Maybe some day we’ll make some 10+ minutes song.

Despite the international level you show in your album, you don’t sing in English…

In 2011 when we recorded first demo (supplemented and released  in 2013 as EP «Wojna») we’ve also recorded English vocals on it. In that time we believed international career. Later we realized that being popular 100km from your home is already big deal. And – if you read this interview, you should realize, that we can’t make some worth (in artist – meaning) in English. We can communicate in English, but we’re not English poems.

One of the things I like of your style is the intelligent use of the keyboads, they have a secondary role and they do it perfect

Balon is a gifted musician. Unfortunatelly, few weeks before beginning of recording LP he said that he quit the band when we release the LP. He wants to focus on his work and family. RWA takes lots of time. When you work 40+ hours per week, and you have wife and daughter, you have to choose something and give up less important things. We played the very last show with him in 25.12.2015 in Gorzów C-60 music club. We hope that he find some time for being a musician, unfortunately not with us.

Another strong point are the guitar solos, Zapek is very inspired in every song

Right! (Kamil) I remember, before I player with Zapek, he played in Akcyza band. When they gave some gigs, no one went do hear Akcyza, everyone went to hear Zapek’s guitar. Years of setting knobs were Worth it!

How do you create a song from the very beginning?

Casualy Zapek brings some riff or piece of lirycs, and we trying to complete it. Sometimes good music is taken from jam sessions. We play jams as a warm up in the begin of rehears. Last time Michał (our newcomer) showed us his own riffs and we trying to made something with it.

I feel the influence of the East Europe sound in your compositions, what bands have been important when developing your own sound?

We living in the central Europe and for us it’s hard to see, what typish-central-europe-things we included for our music. We wanted to sound like Scandinavians ;). As I said, we were inspired by polish ’80 heavy metal, but for Example Kamil listen to band such us Myslovitz, Coma (Polish bands), Radiohead or System of a Down. On the other hand Adrian (drums) is real jazz fan.

A wide range, indeed. In your opinion, being a progressive metal band is synonymous to

a) freaky
b) boring
c) free of chains
d) whatever

We like freedom, but sometimes it’s makes some problems. We rejecting lot’s of phrases because they sound «to normal».

How do you see the metal scene in Poland?

Metal stage in Poland exists, but it’s hard to say, which from nowadays bands is really good. We fell very respect for Riverside, Behemoth, Acid Drinkers, Materia. Also the older bands like Kat, Turbo or TSA. From the less-known bands it’s worth to mind Heretique, the band we met I one of the band contest. There is lots of bands in Poland, but to be hones, minor of them brings something original and can hold us for longer.

As you touch serveral styles, what can we expect from next releases, any kind of evolution?

Next release – if it will – will be something different for sure. As we said, we lost our Keyboard player. After over one year of searching a new keyboard guy we gave up and hire Michał Huryn. He is a guitarist, but we think it can be uor advantage. Today you can buy effects that couse to guitar sounds like strings, playing rich background, and when you need it – it still can be guitar. Besides of another instrumental staff, also this is new composer staff.

Have you ever performed out of your country?


Tour dates?

In this time we rearraging old pieces with Michał. We hope to go back to stage in spring, and gig in some sommer festiwal or open-air venues. Our gigging is in hands of our manager, Janusz Wójcik.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to Get back on stage, make New songs, play and enjoy playing

Thank you very much, it was a pleasure and wish you the best!!!

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