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Interview with SÖLICITÖR

by Vpower

The Band: Sölicitör

Country: United States

Answers: Amy (vocals)



Breakneck, uncompromising speed metal from the Pacific Northwest! On their first studio album, “Spectral Devastation”, SÖLICITÖR takes a no-holds-barred approach to create several future speed metal anthems. Since their 2018 formation, the Seattle-based band has been honing their speed/thrash hybrid to be dynamic and unpredictable. Their debut proves that all.

Hello Amy!, after your great EP in 2019, Spectral Devastation is your very much anticipated first full-length, how do you feel about it?

Now that it’s been released, we can breathe a big sigh of relief!

How long have you worked on Spectral Devastation and how was the process?

We signed to Gates of Hell Records in May of 2019 for the re-issue of our February 2019 Demo/EP on vinyl. We agreed to deliver the full length by January 2020 in time for release at Keep It True in April (which has now been rescheduled for April 2021 thanks to COVID-19.) We bit off more than we could chew and quite honestly, rushed the process. It was a nightmare, but we managed to pull it off somehow. We’re looking forward to taking our time with the next release.

It seems you have been quite busy between the compostion tasks, recording and the tour dates?

In addition to writing and rehearsing the album, we were also preparing for a North American tour in the summer of 2019. We really hit the ground running, seizing on the momentum of the EP and really wanted to make sure we laid the groundwork for whatever comes next. With plans for 2020 being pushed back a year, we’re hoping it just gives us more time to plan effectively and prepare ourselves to get back into it.

Spectral Devastation is what one would expect after listening to your EP, speed with no prisoners?

Absolutely – we tried our best to stay as true to the EP as possible while expanding outwards. We’re still figuring out our sound, being such a young band.

For some people Speed Metal is not a genre by itself but something between heavy metal and Thrash…

I would say all thrash metal is speed metal, but not all speed metal is thrash. It certainly falls under the umbrella of heavy metal, our great musical ancestor.

I like the definition. Do you find any mean difference between Speed Metal from US and Europe?

Not really, to be honest, and perhaps I will get some flack for that.

Maybe… Any special song in the album for you?

“Grip Of The Fist” – we strongly feel this track will be a premonition of what’s to come next, and it was the perfect closer to such a frenzied and enormous effort.

What are the lyrics about?

To quote our song “Spectres of War” – “War, famine, pestilence, death! Empire’s fall, now draw your last breath!” The end of the world, the apocalypse, and all of the characters in it. We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times but heavy metal will get us through it.

The cover art is really under, typical of the genre I would say, raw and dark

We chose Lauren Gornik for just that reason, we wanted a gritty illustration that reflected our sound and I feel she captured that.

Although the base is the speed metal we still find dual guitar harmonies and more melodic guitars, a wider sight?

Yes! We draw from many influences and Matthew and Patrick’s talent will always shine through – we look forward to distilling the essence of our sound and defining our direction.

When listening to your songs I have in mind big names of the thrash and US speed metal as Heathen, Crimson Glory, Helstar, etc.… taking the legacy?

That’s a big compliment and certainly we consider those bands to be influential to us as we make our mark in this scene. I hope that we can make a nod towards the many bands that have come before us without pandering or paying lip service to the hallmarks of heavy metal – to carry the legacy means to pay our respects while pushing the genre forward.

Amy Lee Carlson is like a big store, you have a voice for everything you need…

Ha! I will say I have some tricks up my sleeve yet! This first album has been an exploration of our strengths, and I’m proud of the vocals I have laid for this effort, but I’m already looking forward to challenging myself further.

Amazing. We are living hard times everywhere, how are you dealing with the covid-19?

We are doing our best, it will be hard to say how much this will continue to affect us. We avoided our practice space for almost a month, we wear masks at practice now. We’ve cancelled our entire 2020 itinerary and pushed our dates into 2021. Personally, we have had to adjust as best we can. Our work schedules have been disrupted, and overall it’s been depressing as we adjust to the new normal – but it’s not the end of the world, yet.

The fight continues, then. Any plan for the future or just waiting until the end of the storm?

We’re setting our sights on next year and putting in the work to get ourselves to Europe. We’re in the initial stages of writing for the next album, and there’s no reason to slow down anytime soon!

Thank you very much, if you wish to add something…

Keep it fast, keep it nasty, keep it mean!
– Amy Lee Carlson
FB/IG solicitor.speedmetal

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