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Interview with SPREADING DREAD

by Hombre Rancio

Hello friends, today I have the pleasure to talk with Spreading Dread a great band from Czech Republic.  

Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Spreading Dread created?

spreadin dread 1The band was formed by Traktor/bass, Safa/drums and Simon/guitar. These three knew each other from former projects and decided to create a thrash/death metal band in 2007. There were several changes in the frontman and second guitarist position and eventually also Traktor changed his apetite and joined the punks JUST WÄR. Currently we are hoping to have the line-up set perfectly with our frontman Mirac also playing the bass guitar and Fuga on the second guitar. 

What differences are between your first album “Sanatorium” and your new work “Age of Aquarius”?

The new album brings more variety opposed to the straigt-rolling ball SANATORIUM. The music is using more progressive approach and also there are more types of melodic vocals along with the traditional growl and scream. Some parts resemble the baroque muic legacy even more than it was at the first CD.

How was the design and creation process of the album?

The first two songs Simon came up with were «Oil-Stained» and «Karmic Wheels» . Fuga wrote two independent texts, but later we decided to stick to the concept style of album, so the remaining songs were made in order to create the storyline of AGE OF AQUARIUS. The rest of the process is always the same with us: first we record everything on a multitrack recorder/mixer at home. Once the blueprint is ready, we record it in studio quality. For design we purchased the original artwork at some webpage. Funny, too late, after the album was complete, we found the strong resemblance with some of GOJIRA artwork. We have been even thinking about sending them our CD with apologize «sorry guys, we didn’t know at that time» 😀

spreading dread 4I think that your music is very creative and original. A good mixed of styles: power thrash, neoclasical riffs and solos, Groove Riffs…etc, and many technical and aggressive feeling. What do you think?

The mix you mention is caused by our stance to the evolution of our band and music. We don’t try to play the same genre all the time, it is more like «let’s see where it will lead». There is still a huge field of possible future directions, but there will always be this Simon’s fingerprint – balancing between oldschool metal and classical music.

spreading dread 2In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?

We try to do things professionally, but at the same time we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we don’t argue too much and we are also not very frustrated by all the bad luck we’ve had so far (injuries etc.) Through the years all the crazy stories hardened our friendship and we really love to play our music, so I guess it is a good solid base for everything else.

What are your musical influences?

These are mostly the two major groups mentioned above – metal music and classics. Black Sabbath, Pantera, Opeth, Bach, Vivaldi, J.D.Zelenka, Mozart…

My favourite song is Karmic Wheels, what is yours?

You are not the only person who says this, so it is probably the greatest hit. For us, the favourite song is usually the latest one, something fresh that we haven’t played 1000 times.

What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

The first album Sanatorium was a story of one person, struggling with his addictions, with society, with his own sanity. Age of Aquarius is a sci-fi tale about the evolution of human culture from distant past up to the future. Generally we try to mention things that we don’t agree with, or some important truths. Hope and helplessness are usually mixed together, just like we see all the contradictions in the real world.

How do you see the current scene in your country?

Unfortunatelly, music has been losing its position in the society. And with our rather underground genre it is even worse. We can see it at the concerts – organizers have a really tough job to fill their clubs, and the worst situation is in Prague, probably because of so many events everywhere each night. But on the other hand, the handful of fans usually makes a great audience, they give us a beautiful feedback and a lot of energy. Probably no metal band in our country can only play music for their living.

spreading dread 3How can the fan get your album?

Thanks to our label (BretHard Records) the distribution is secured at some of the major distribution portals on the web, we’ve got the merch at our shows.. In our country the fans ask for it usually via email and then we send it to their address or we meet and hand it over if it’s in our reach.

What are your future plans?

We’ll try to supply our fans with new music and videos every now and then before starting a new big work on a new record. Currently we are setting our live performance after changing the bass guitar position and we are looking forward to set out to other European countries this autumn.

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work.

Thanks a lot for seeking us out to make this interview, we are happy to see that our music can succesfully address audience all across Europe, we hope to play in your country some day! Cheers!

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