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Interview with WHITE SKULL

by Vpower

WhiteSkull-3The Band: White Skull

Country: Italy

Answers by:  Federica “Sister” De Boni (vocals); Tony “Mad” Fontò (guitar)



When it comes to Power Metal here is a band that will take you right back to the golden age of the genre. WHITE SKULL are releasing on June 9th their new chapter, “Will Of The Strong”. If you love power metal you will be more then happy to listen to it, blasting tempos, flashing guitars and high vocals, all the elements a good power band will ever use to reach a top album. Here is a bet for the best Power Metal album of the year.


Hello guys and congratulations for your tenth album “Will Of The Strong”. Time runs so fast and White Skull is almost 30 years old, do you believe it or it seems as a dream?

FEDERICA: It is indeed this wonderful reality! 30 years of metal and brotherhood (+sisterhood 😊). However we feel that we have defeated time as the will of playing our music is still very young and has never faded.

TONY: Thanx for the congratulations, really appreciated. 30 years? no, you wrong… ha ha ha ha … It were runned fast.

Any big difference between your feeling as a band 25 years ago and now?

FEDERICA: Of course we have lived thru several changes in our line-up and in the metal scene. Each moment we have felt differently and reacted accordingly. The only thing that never changed is the passion for our music. As a young band we were focusing on reaching out and becoming a big band. As the years went by we focused more on our music and how it makes us feel.

WhiteSkull-2Indeed, next year you will enter your third decade, but no crisis here, it seems you are in a great moment, how do you feel as a band?

FEDERICA: Right now the line-up is perfect. We are really pleased of where we are today as a band and of the strong and positive response of our fans. All members are working together in such an amazing way. I believe this attitude and mood matters a lot. The House of Skull has grown big and sturdy roots!

 Will you prepare any especial celebration for your 30th anniversary?

FEDERICA: oh we don’t know, it is early to speak about it

OK, we keep the suspense then… With a so long career as yours there has been much variations in your line-up?

FEDERICA:  We had some important changes throughout the life of the band. Singers, guitar players and bass players … fortunately we have now reached a so much needed stability and clear image of the band.

This year you are releasing your 10th album, “Will Of The Strong”. How was the composition & recording?

TONY: New ideas came up as we released Under This Flag. As the music lines were being worked on Federica started working on the vocal parts and developing the main theme: vikings and female warriors. At the same time we were playing live shows and handling some other matters. Time went by fast and we were able to finalize the album only late October 2016. Recording took place at the New Sin Studio and we started the recording in November 2016. Recording session were like a usual scheme Drum, Guitars, Bass, voice and orchestration part. Next we had mixed and Mastered in the same studio. I know very well all the equipment from this studio and i have a good feeling with the owner of the studio, so we work together in a very powerfull way, and i think you can heard the score…

WhiteSkull-CoverFive long years have passed since your previous album, a long wait for your new album, isn’t it?

FEDERICA: It is indeed. However we were focused on many issues at the same time: improving the band live shows, writing new songs, constantly searching for new markets and collaborations, developing new ideas and last but not least handling personal matters. 

That’s important too, yep. You have published albums with Nuclear Blast and touring with big bands, it talks well of your level. When it comes to power metal White Skull can be rated among the top bands

FEDERICA: We try our best to play in that league. We have done a lot but there is still more to do to reach the top.

I believe this “Will Of The Strong” takes us to a travel to the best moments of Power Metal at the beginning of this century, when power metal was striking everywhere…

FEDERICA:  Absolutely, we have rated this album as the best of our production. It’s really catchy and immediate. The themes are well developed, solos and rythmics passionate and furious and the voice is on top of everything.

White Skull sounds as a perfect machine, all pieces well fixed, one of your strong points…

FEDERICA: Yes, five long years of hard work as we said in your previous question….

TONY: oh thanx, i think we reach the score. In the last 5 years we had worked a lot, we had played a lot of show. We started to write the new songs after the release of Under This Flag; we wrote more songs than we need but when we understood the way of the new album we kept the best.

Tony and Federica, you are still in command and they deliver an amazing amount of blasting guitars and vocals, as power should ever be…

FEDERICA: Our focus has been on improving the sound impact and developing new vocal lines…and the hard work paid off. And as you stated this is POWER at its best!

TONY: we did our best in order to reach a good score with powerfull guitars and amazing vocals line, personally i followed all the work in studio to reach a good production.

WhiteSkull-1There are several songs in “Will Of The Strong” that could be considered already as metal anthems as I Am Your Queen or Will Of The Strong, any favorite?

FEDERICA: Hard question to answer. They all have a list of reasons why it’s difficult for us to tell you which one prevails on the other. Even in between the band members we couldn’t find an agreement on this matter. Let’s see what our fans say!

TONY: ya hard question, i love all the songs from the album, i think there aren’t songs wrote just to fill the album.

The amazing cover artwork is greatly linked to your style and seems based on Sister’s figure, isn’t it?

FEDERICA: It is indeed a great artwork of a dear friend Gaetano Di Falco but the portrait of the warrior is based on the figure of his model. We did not intend to reproduce Federica’s figure on the cover … it just happened that they look alike.

Aha, are you preparing any promo video before the release date of the album in June 9th?

TONY: Yes the single WILL OF THE  STRONG was released last Monday May 8th. Now the video is available on Audioglobe youtube channel and other media. More to come when the album will be out.


What is the best part and the worst (if there is one) of writing songs after 30 years?

FEDERICA: There is a great sense of satisfaction and happiness when great songs are written. As musicians this is what we strive for: It’s our dream since ever and forever…the music….our music…true Power Metal. For White Skull we can also say that this project has established a true and solid friendship similar to a family relationship. The hard part is to keep the flame alive. The strenght to keep on going even when the market is not as responsive as it used to be. Personally and financially it’s really hard but let’s say it’s The Will Of The Strong that prevails.

TONY: The best part is: i write what i like and i hope to do a good job for all the people who follow White Skull. The best part is: the hard work is over, now is time to play show somewhere out in the world. The worst part is: what can i write for the next album? ha ha ha ha

Hahaha the blank page…a classic. Your fans won’t be dissapointed with the brilliant display of power metal in your new album, I suppose you are preparing a tour through Europe at least?

TONY: At the moment we had some Open Air Festivals in Italy this summer and we are planning a tour the shows for the next autumm and winter. We are looking closely at the feedbacks and will plan a tour accordingly. Our target is to play all over the world, but is not easy, we are not a big band.

Possibly Italy together with Germany have been the countries were Power Metal have reached the highest level, what do you think?

TONY: In Italy the power metal is not followed like in Germany. German people have an open mind about heavy metal, they follow all kind of Metal and they support the Metal scene in a good way. In Italy is not the same, but we have some good Power Metal Bands.

How do you see the scene nowadays?

FEDERICA:  The Power Metal scene has been shrinking, new trends have opened doors to the new Metal genres. The old well known bands survive especially here in Europe where we still have important festivals and concerts. Pubs in Italy are closing or not offering the live show anymore. The economic downturn and the net have shifted the way people approaches our music resulting in less attendance to the live events. All we can do is follow the developments of the media and try to catch up and keep updated!

TONY: Hard, really hard! I play because i like to do. Every day I hope somethings will change and back like in the past.

May the Force be with you, guys! Thank you very much and see you on the road!

FEDERICA: Thank you for this nice chat. Can’t wait to play in your country! Up the Horns!

TONY: thanx for the intw and Rise up your shields, we are coming!!!

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