Interview with SHADE OF HATRED

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Shaded of Hatred is a very great band from Netherlands. “Invidious revelations” is his first work. Amazing sound, very good death metal with metal influencies. It’s a pleasure talk with the Band.
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How was Shade of Hatred created?
When I (Florian) was at secondary school, I started my first band ‘Descended’. We didn’t have a lot of experience, as all of us were only playing for a year or two. A lot of line up changes and different opinions about the musical direction made us split up.
About a year later I was trying to resurrect ‘Descended’ by looking for some new band members. That’s how I met Bas, who became the second guitar player. I had already been writing some new tracks, and after a few rehearsals we decided to ditch the old songs. It was also at that time we came up with the name ‘Shade of Hatred’. It gave us the opportunity of a fresh start. At that time Yannick who also been playing drums in Descended joined the band again. With the addition of Mark on bass and Terry on vocals we were now complete. With a few more years of experience we decided to release our demo ‘Thanatus’. However, before that, Mark left and Luuk replaced him on bass.
The next line up change was Terry taking over the bass, and Rik joining the band as our lead singer. With that line up we created ‘Invidious Revelations’.
How was the design and creation process of the album?
Well, as I own my own studio we mainly did everything ourselves. I wrote the music, Terry did the lyrics and Yannick made the drum tracks to his own liking. Then we did a pre-production and some finishing touches, and then we recorded the album. “Remy Melling” who is a friend of the band and a very talented artist di the cover art. When everything was finished we send it over to Poland to press 500 copies.
The band was formed four years ago, what did it change in the way to compose?
Actually not very much changed, other than some new band members and the fact that we all had gained some more experience. I still wrote the music, and again Terry did the lyrics and Yannick added the finishing touch to the drums. For a fact the song ‘Tale of Erida’ was actually already written when we recorded our demo.
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What themes do you touch in your lyrics?
Our lyrics go from old and forgotten mythological tales to dark reflections of today’s society and the similarities between them.
What are your musical influences?
My main influence must be old ‘Arch Enemy’ albums. The combination between catchy melodies and hard-hitting riffs is what really does it for me. But I actually listen to a lot of different styles of Rock and Metal music. From Led Zeppelin to Dying Fetus so to say.
Invidious Revelations is your new album, what are we going to find in it?
Heavy songs containing harmonized melody lines, tremolo picked guitars, blasting drums and growled vocals. A good balance between aggression and more moody sections, giving your ears some rest.
My favorite song is Aeon of Indifference, what is yours?
Man that’s a hard one. As a guitar player I must say I think Aeon of Indifference is my favorite song to play. To listen to I have to choose between Hunter and A Merciless Fate. I’ll probably choose A Merciless Fate, simply because it contains all elements that make Shade of Hatred.
I like very much the guitars: clear and raw. Tell me about this.
The guitars were recorded with Ibanez and Schecter guitars trough a Maxon 808 overdrive pedal boosting the Peavey 5150 that was connected to my ENGL XXL 4×12 cabinet. For the clean tracks we actually used 5 different guitars and 10 tracks to create the cloudy and chorus like sound you hear on the record.
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You mixed clear solos and classic death. I think that your songs are addictive.
Thanks man, that’s exactly what I am going for. For me a song works when it’s heavy, bus also gets stuck in your head after listening.
How do you see the Netherlands underground scene?
For smaller bands like us it’s pretty hard to get our name out. Venues barely respond to their e-mail, so you really have to call them up and annoy the shit out of bookers to get your gigs. Besides that the amount of people coming to a show really depends on the region you’re in. We come from the center of the country, which seams ideal, but actually isn’t. In my experience the response in the South or East of the country is way better.
Personally I think there are a lot of great bands out there which deserve way more attention than they get now. We always try to meet new people and bands to perform with. This way we support our own scene and widen our network to get more shows going.
How can the fan get your album?
Our EP and other merchandise can be bought from our website
But if your living outside the Netherlands it is best to send us an e-mail, so we can find out what shipment costs would be.
What future plans do you have?
Right now we are looking for a new bass player. When that is done we’ll start writing some new music for our first full-length album. Besides that we hope to play a lot of shows and maybe do some gigs outside the Netherlands.
Thank you very much and congratulations for your new Metal attack. If you wish to add something, go ahead…

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